Carpet rugs – why should one buy them?

Flooring forms a very integral part of the house, which has limitations when it comes decorating. One could always go for different tiles or different kinds of wooden planks for the floors, however, once they are laid, there are no further options. It’s not like the walls where one could ...

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Hand-tufted rugs

Hand-tufted rug uses high quality wool so that the end product looks much like a hand-knotted rug. Unlike hand-knotted rug, hand-tufted rug is made without tying any knots. It takes a fraction of time for making a hand-tufted rug, thus it greatly reduces the cost. As a result, hand-tufted rugs ...

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Are southwest rugs worth buying?

Rugs are an important and crucial part of the aesthetics of any room or house and help portray what kind of personality you have. In this regard, the south-west rugs are worth mentioning especially if you have a very manly and macho personality, and you portray yourself as the traditional ...

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Kid rugs for your house:

Origins: Kid rugs are a simple yet effective and creative way to improve your house and to give your children the space and the room that they desire in order to roam and jump freely without you having to worry about them at all. The kid rugs that are commonly ...

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“find a mixture of transitional rugs”

Transitional rugs are a blend of contemporary and oriental area rugs and it is a combination of the two diehards, transitional rugs shelters a more widespread collection of designs, colors, sizes and patterns; from nominal to complicated designs to an extra detailed or refined style. Therefore, agreeing one to be ...

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