Get an idea about Commercial Carpeting

Any commercial space with heavy traffic of foot will need to cover with commercial carpeting, rather than residential carpeting, to resist heavy use of foot on a regular basis. While it is mainly used in office spaces, it can be also be used in spaces where people want to enjoy a durable, tough material on the floors.

This article will guide you in choosing the perfect commercial carpeting with various advantages and disadvantages of the material.


Minimum Average Cost of Commercial Carpeting: $2/ square foot

Maximum Average Cost of Commercial Carpeting: $7/ square foot

Types of Commercial Carpet Materials 

Two major types of materials used for the construction of commercial carpeting are olefin and nylon. Nylon is mainly regarded to be the best choice for its durability, overall stain resistance and attractive appearance. Olefin tends to be slightly less durable than Nylon but they have a shorter lifespan. However, Olefin is cheaper than nylon, making it popular for buyers on a strict budget.

Additional Factors That Influence the Cost of Commercial Carpeting

Apart from the fiber materials used and the type of construction, there are various other factors that can play a vital role in determining the cost of commercial carpets. The major factors are

Shipping charges: Heavy made carpets that need to be delivered may cost more if buying from online stores

Installation charges: The carpet to be installed by any professional will also cost more since it’s difficult to install it by your own.

Size: Large space or areas will need large carpet which will cost more in comparison to smaller carpet

Underlay: Thicker carpet is more comfortable but it would cost more.

Pros of Commercial Carpeting 

The main reason that people choose commercial carpeting over other carpets is due to the material’s durability, strength, lifespan and affordability. Commercial carpeting is designed to be firmer overall, so that thousands of people can walk through the fibers on regular intervals without damaging them. Also, commercial carpets are stain-resistant, which brings down to how often they need to be thoroughly replaced or cleaned. Commercial carpeting is incredibly versatile which comes in a wide range of patterns and colors that can fit into any design or style.

Cons of Commercial Carpet

There are also some drawbacks of Commercial carpeting which includes

Rough texture, expensive high quality versions, fibers might get crushed quickly with heavy wear.


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